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Hello everyone.

This is my first post in english, I trying to do this because someone asked me to translate an old post (Tutorial Babbo Natale log cabin). I didn’t it but Linda make this very accurate translation.

Log Cabin Santa
Important note 1:This tutorial came from CucitoCreativo at
natale-log-cabin/. It is not a direct translation, because some things are expressed a bit differently in Italian quilting than American quilting. However, I believe it is an accurate representation of her tutorial. All rights remain with the original poster. I.e. you probably can’t make these to sell unless you contact her for permission.
Important note 2: I did not convert metric into non-metric measurements. If you are making this, you will need to either convert all measurements before starting, or leave the numbers the same and use inches instead, which would result in a larger Santa. It should theoretically not make a difference which method you use as long as you’re consistent across the board. However, I have never tried method two (leaving the numbers the same but using inches instead of centimeters) so it may throw off the proportions. As such, I highly recommend that you do the conversions of all measurements before beginning.
You will need:
Fabric in red, white, green, andpeach/beige for the face
RicRac or other narrow ribbon
Rotary cutting tools
Embroidery needle and black embroidery thread
Hand sewing needle and red thread

1. Cut a 6×6 cm square from the fabric you choose for Santa’s face. Cut some of the white, green, and red fabric into 2.5 cm strips. (You will need additional red for part of the Santa, so do not cut all your red fabric into strips at this point.)
2. Proceed as with a normal log cabin pattern, using the following color order for the “logs”: One round of white logs. One round of red logs. One round of green logs. Three rounds of red logs.

3. Cut a red square the same size as your log cabin.

4. With right sides together, make sure the diagonal of the log cabin lines up with the diagonal of the square, and draw a line corner to corner.

5. Sew a ¼ inch seam on either side of the diagonal line and cut along the diagonal.

6. Press the squares open, making sure the seam is toward the “plain” side.

7. Use the needle and thread to make two black eyes in the face.
8. Cut a red square of the same size as your resulting square (for me, it was about 18-19 cm square) and a square of batting 1 cm smaller (for me about 17cm square)

9. Lay the two fabric pieces on top of each other, right sides together, with the RicRac positioned on the corner as shown below. (Check step 12 for further reference for positioning the RicRac) Center the batting on top of the fabric.

10. Sew around all four sides, being sure to leave a small opening for turning.
11. Trim the four corners to make it easier to get sharp “points”.

12. Turn, using a skewer or corner turner to push out the tips of the corners, and iron flat.

13. Fold in half, right side in, and whip stitch the sides together, starting at the corner with the RicRac.

14. Once at the corner, tie off and then turn it inside out.

15. And voila! Here’s SANTA CLAUS!

Note: for those who have never made a “sew and trim as you go” type of log cabin, see the below photos for reference. [Sew on one strip, press and trip to the same length as the square. Rotate the square, sew on another strip, press and trim. Rotate the square, sew on another strip, press and trim…and so on, as shown in the following pictures.]


Thanks Linda! 😉

I wish you a happy christmas time.


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